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Records and Registration


SIS and Reporting access requests.

With the switch to Mavlink, we have automated our SIS account request form. Use the button below for requesting access to the University's Student Information System (SIS), or to request access to the reporting dashboard.

SIS Account Request

If you already have access to the reporting dashboard and you would like to request a new report be built, please see the link below.

SIS Report Request

PeopleSoft SIS Report Development

All report development produced against the PeopleSoft SIS will be done by a team consisting of UNO Enrollment Management and Marketing, Information Services, and Office of Institutional Effectiveness resources. When feasible, reports will be developed with parameterized options (e.g. the Student List reports that allow you to select by college, major, etc.) so that one report can serve multiple needs.

Report Development uses a tool called WebFOCUS to develop reports from PeopleSoft SIS. By default, WebFOCUS reports will be delivered via a reporting portal called a Dashboard. Once users log into the UNO Dashboard with their NUID and TrueYou password, they will have access to view and run the previously created reports on demand, without needing to contact SES or IS. The goal is to provide users with quicker and easier access to PeopleSoft information when they need it.

Please click here and sign-in with your UNO Net ID to access the report request form. Once a request is approved, it will be put into a priority queue and assigned to a report developer. Report completion time will depend on complexity of the report and the urgency of the request.

We are constantly looking for areas of improvement with this system, and we encourage feedback. A link to the online feedback form can be found here.

Student Information System Forms, Policies and FERPA Guidelines

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation, and students may be particularly vulnerable to this crime. Learn how to protect yourself and your future from identity theft by going to

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and provides specific rights protecting the confidentiality and access of student information at UNO.

  • Memorandum 16
    • Policy for Responsible Use of University Computers and Information Systems.
  • Restricted Data
    • The UNO Restricted Data Security Policy was developed in response to Nebraska L.B. 876 to combat increasing instances of identity theft. The policy includes in-depth definitions, responsibilities, data storage, risk reduction and procedures.
  • SIS Security Policy
    • This policy outlines the acceptable use of the student information system.
    • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Redisclosure
    • Access to University of Nebraska at Omaha Student Information