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Records and Registration

Transcript Grade Interpretation

Below are some tables displaying how the letter grade on your transcript is interpreted by UNO, organized by the year the grade was received.

1908 - 1982

Symbol Definition Quality Points
A Superior 4.0
B Above Average 3.0
C Average 2.0
D Below average, passing 1.0
F Failing 0
CR Credit *
NC No credit, failing *
S Satisfactory *
U Unsatisfactory *
E or Con Conditional *
AU Audit *
I Incomplete *
IP Course in progress *
W Withdrew (good standing) *
X or WX Administrative withdrawal *

1982 - 2001

Symbol Definition Quality Points
A+ Superior 4.0
A Superior 4.0
B+ Above Average 3.5
B Above Average 3.0
C+ Average 2.5
C Average 2.0
D+ Below average, passing 1.5
D Below average, passing 1.0
F Failing 0
CR Credit *
NC No credit, failing *
NR No grade reported *
S Satisfactory *
U Unsatisfactory, failing *
AU Audit *
I Incomplete *
IP Course in progress *
W Withdrew (good standing) *
X or WX Administrative withdrawal *
R Repeated course *

2001 - Present

Symbol Definition Quality Points
A+ Superior 4.0
A Superior 4.0
A- Superior 3.67
B+ Above Average 3.33
B Above Average 3.0
B- Above Average 2.67
C+ Average 2.33
C Average 2.0
C- Average 1.67
D+ Below average, passing 1.33
D Below average, passing 1.0
D- Below average, passing 0.67
F Failing 0
CR Credit *
NC No credit, failing *
NR No grade reported *
S Satisfactory *
U Unsatisfactory, failing *
AU Audit *
I Incomplete *
IP Course in progress *
W Withdrew (good standing) *
R Repeated course *

Repeating Courses: UNO Policy on Grades

This is general information about repeating courses. Every college has its own grade requirements for earning a degree. For specific information see your college advising office.

Undergraduate Courses - General Rule

When an undergraduate course is repeated, only the most recent grade will be counted into the GPA.
  • Letter-graded courses must be repeated for a letter grade.
  • ALL courses and grades will continue to be a part of the student's permanent record (transcript).
  • When determining eligibility for graduation with honors, every grade awarded is computed into the GPA.
  • Repeats must be completed before a degree is granted. Once a degree is granted, repeated courses will not change the GPA established at the time the degree was awarded.
  • Students can replace grades earned at another University of Nebraska system campus if they take the articulated equivalent course at UNO. Students should consult with an advisor prior to taking the course at UNO to ensure that they take the direct equivalent to the course they took elsewhere. Upon completing the course, either the student or the advisor must ask the Records & Registration Office in EAB 105 to eliminate the previous grade from their GPA.

Undergraduate Courses - Special Exceptions

Some courses, such as Thesis, Internship, Physical Activity or Independent Study can be repeated without removing the previous grade. (A complete list of these courses can be found by clicking on the links below under the heading "UNO Courses That Can Be Retaken Without Removal of Previous Grade." ) For these undergraduate courses, only grades of F will be removed "automatically" when these courses are repeated. All other repeats must be done by contacting the Records and Registration Office in EAB 105 and completing the "Removal of Previous Grades" form.

Graduate Courses - General Rule

Only grades of C's, D's and F can be repeated, and only the most recent grade will be counted into the GPA.
  • Letter-graded courses must be repeated for a letter grade.
  • ALL courses and grades will continue to be a part of the student's permanent record (transcript).
  • Repeats must be completed before a degree is granted. Once a degree is granted, repeated courses will not change the GPA established at the time the degree was awarded.

Graduate Courses - Special Exceptions

For courses such as Thesis, Internship, or Independent Study, repeats are subject to the same rules as listed above under "General Rule". Repeats in this category cannot be done automatically. Students must contact the Records and Registration Office in EAB 105 and complete the "Removal of Previous Grades" form.

UNO Courses That Can Be Retaken Without Removal of Previous Grade:


Course ID Course
HORT3950 Career Experience
HORT3960 Curr Proj/tops In Horticulture


Course ID Course
CRP 8976 Selected Topics Comm Reg Plng
CRP 8980 Special Problems Crp

Arts and Sciences

Course ID Course
ANTH4260 Topics In Ethnology
ANTH4900 Anthropological Research
ANTH4920 Sem In Anthropological Probs
ANTH8926 Sem In Anthropological Probs
BIOL4030 Special Topics In Biology
BIOL4040 Directed Readings In Biology
BIOL4050 Supervised Research In Biology
BIOL8020 Independent Research
BIOL8060 Advanced Topics In Biology
BIOL8070 Advanced Readings In Biology
BIOL8330 Advanced Topics Gen Physiology
BIOL8990 Thesis
BLST3980 Spcl Topics In Black Studies
BLST3990 Community Study Project
BLST4000 SP Tops Smnr:humn & Black Exp
BLST4900 Independent Study
BLST8080 Special Topics Black Studies
CHEM4930 Special Topics In Chemistry
CHEM4950 Chemistry Projects
CHEM4960 Chemistry Problems
CHEM8936 Special Topics In Chemistry
CHEM8966 Chemistry Problems
CHEM8990 Research In Chemistry
CLS 3900 Special Topics
ENGL2000 Topics In Language & Lit
ENGL3000 Special Topics In English
ENGL3980 Tech Wrtng Across Disciplines
ENGL4160 Topics In American Regionalism
ENGL4960 Topics In Lang & Lit
ENGL4980 Independent Study
ENGL8100 Sem: Topics In American Lit
ENGL8166 Topics In American Regionalism
ENGL8696 Topics In Linguistics
ENGL8800 Sem: Topics In Engl Lang & Lit
ENGL8900 Seminar: Independent Study
ENGL8966 Topics In Lang & Lit
ENGL8980 Independent Study
ENGL8990 Thesis
FLNG2530 Special Topics Lang & Culture
FLNG3530 Special Topics Lang & Culture
FLNG8960 Seminar:special Topics
FREN4900 Independent Study
FREN4960 Pro-seminar
FREN8900 French Independent Study
FREN8906 Independent Study
FREN8966 Pro-seminar
GEOG2500 Special Topics In Geog-geology
GEOG4800 Internshp Envr/rg Pl/earth Sci
GEOG8500 Special Topics In Geography
GEOG8600 Independent Research
GEOG8606 Ind Research
GEOG8800 Intrnshp Envrmtl/regional Plan
GEOG8990 Thesis
GEOL2500 Special Topics In Geog-geology
GEOL4600 Independent Research
GERM3500 Special Topics In German
GERM4900 Independent Study
GERM8906 Independent Study
HIST2990 Special Topics
HIST4900 Problems In History
HIST4910 Topics In History
HIST8010 Research/directed Readings
HIST8100 History Seminar
HIST8916 Topics In History
HIST8990 Thesis
HIST9100 Seminar In History
INST3000 Perspectives In Int Study
INST4140 Topics In Internatnl Studies
LLS 3900 SP Tops Latino/latin Amer Stds
LLS 4900 Independent Study
LLS 8906 Independent Study
MATH3500 Selected Topics In Mathematics
MATH4900 Independent Studies
MATH8020 Topics In Geometry & Topology
MATH8505 Selected Topics In Mathematics
MATH8520 Adv Topics In Opr Resrch
MATH8970 Independent Graduate Studies
MATH8980 Graduate Seminar
MATH8990 Thesis
MATH9110 Advanced Topics Applied Math
NAMS4900 Independent Study
NAMS4920 Spec Topics In Nat Am Studies
PHIL3500 Problems In Philosophy
PHIL3960 Readings In Philosophy
PHIL8900 Readings In Philosophy
PHYS2350 Special Topics In Astronomy
PHYS8956 Problems In Physics
PHYS8960 Topics - Teaching Of Natl Sci
PHYS8966 Problems In Physics
PSCI3920 Topics In Political Science
PSCI4380 Topics In Political Theory
PSCI4900 Readings & Ind Studies In Psci
PSCI4910 Government Internship
PSCI4920 Adv Tops In Political Science
PSCI4950 Senior Smnr Political Science
PSCI8250 Seminar In Global Poltics
PSCI8386 Topics In Political Theory
PSCI8800 Independent Study Tops Urbansm
PSCI8830 Interdisciplnry Sem Urban Comm
PSCI8840 Interdisciplnry Sem Urban Comm
PSCI8900 Readings In Political Science
PSCI8910 Political Internship
PSCI8926 Adv Tops In Political Science
PSCI8990 Thesis
PSYC4920 Special Topics In Psychology
PSYC4960 Research Probs In Psychology
PSYC4990 Senior Thesis
PSYC8900 Problems In Psychology
PSYC8950 Pract For Master's Students
PSYC8970 Master's Lvl Prac In Sch Psych
PSYC8980 Pract In Developmental Psyc
PSYC8990 Thesis
PSYC9030 Seminar Topics Indus/org Psyc
PSYC9290 Seminar In Psychobiology
PSYC9590 Seminar In Developmental Psyc
PSYC9910 Topical Seminar In Psychology
PSYC9950 Pract For Doctoral Students
PSYC9960 Research Other Than Thesis
PSYC9970 Ed.s. Level Pract In Sch Psych
PSYC9980 Intrnshp In School Psychology
RELI3500 Special Topics In Religion
RELI3960 Readings In Religion
RELI8900 Readings In Religion
RUSS4900 Independent Study
SOC 2800 Major Social Issues
SOC 4800 Contemporary Tops In Sociology
SOC 4990 Independent Study
SOC 8600 Seminar In Social Organ
SOC 8700 Seminar Sociological Theory
SOC 8990 Thesis
SOC 8996 Independent Study
SPAN4900 Independent Study
SPAN4960 Pro-seminar
SPAN8900 Spanish Independent Study
SPAN8906 Independent Study
WMST2000 Tops In Gender, Language & Lit
WMST3000 Special Topics In Literature
WMST4970 Pro-seminar
WMST4990 Independent Study

Business Administration

Course ID Course
ACCT2000 Special Topics In Accounting
ACCT4000 Special Topics In Accounting
ACCT8250 Seminar In Accounting
ACCT8900 Independent Study
ACCT8910 Special Topics In Accounting
BFIN2000 Spec Tops In Banking&fin
BFIN4000 Spec Tops In Banking&fin
BSAD8350 Seminar In Management
BSAD8590 Seminar In Business Admin
BSAD8900 Independent Study
BSAD8910 Special Studies In Business
BSAD8916 Special Topics In Economics
BSAD8990 Thesis
ECON2000 Special Topics In Economics
ECON4000 Special Topics In Economics
ECON4910 Special Topics In Economics
ECON8690 Spec Topics In Econ Educ
ECON8910 Special Studies In Economics
ECON8916 Special Topics In Economics
ECON8920 Independent Study
ECON8930 Independent Study
ECON8940 Econ Internship
ECON8990 Thesis
FBI 4000 Spec Top In Fin,bnk&ins
FNBK4000 Spec Topics Finance & Banking
FNBK4510 Finance & Banking Internship
FNBK4610 Portfolio Management
INS 2000 Spec Tops In Insurance
INS 4000 Spec Tops In Insurance
LAWS2000 Spec Topics In Law & Society
LAWS4000 Spec Topics In Law & Society
LAWS4910 Sem On Bus Law
MGMT2000 Special Topics In Management
MGMT4000 Special Topics In Management
MGMT4500 Special Problems In Management
MGMT4510 Management Internship
MKT 2000 Special Topics In Marketing
MKT 4000 Special Topics In Marketing
MKT 4510 Marketing Internship
MKT 4910 Special Topics In Marketing
MOB 2000 Spec Tops In Management
MOB 4000 Spec Tops In Management
MOB 4500 Spec Problems In Mgt
RELU2000 Special Topics In Relu
RELU4000 Special Topics In Relu
RELU4500 Special Problems In Relu
RELU4510 Real Estate Internship

Communication, Fine Arts and Media

Course ID Course
ART 4000 Spcl Studies In Art Education
ART 4010 Special Topics In Studio Art
ART 4100 A + B Independent Study I
ART 4110 A + B Independent Study II
ART 4330 Bfa Independent Study II
ART 4420 Bfa Thesis
ART 4440 Ind Study In Studio Art
ART 4910 Independent Study - Art Hist
ART 4930 Special Topics - Art History
ART 8006 Spcl Studies In Art Education
ART 8106 Independent Study Drawing
ART 8116 Independent Study Drawing
ART 8910 Independent Study In Art Hist
ART 8930 Spec Topics In Art Hist
ART 8936 Special Topics - Art History
BRCT4980 Independent Study Comm
COMM8030 Tops In Communication Methods
COMM8180 Topics Speech Communication
COMM8300 Topical Seminar Mass Media
COMM8970 Graduate Project
COMM8980 Independent Study
COMM8990 Thesis
JOUR4370 Communication Workshop
JOUR4980 Independent Study Communicatn
JOUR4990 Adv Communication Practicum
MFAW8700 Residency Session
MFAW8710 Graduating Residency Session
MFAW8820 Poetry Seminar
MFAW8830 Fiction Seminar
MFAW8840 Nonfiction Seminar
MUS 1000 Appl Mus Lab Recital/mast Cls
MUS 115A Bassoon
MUS 115B Cello
MUS 115C Clarinet
MUS 115D Double Bass
MUS 115E Euphonium
MUS 115F Flute
MUS 115G French Horn
MUS 115H Guitar
MUS 115I Harp
MUS 115J Oboe
MUS 115K Percussion
MUS 115L Piano
MUS 115M Pipe Organ
MUS 115N Saxophone
MUS 115O Trombone
MUS 115P Trumpet
MUS 115Q Tuba
MUS 115R Viola
MUS 115S Violin
MUS 115T Voice
MUS 167A Appl Class Lesson - Guitar I
MUS 167B Applied Class Lesson - Piano
MUS 167C Applied Class Lesson - Voice I
MUS 168D Class Appl Jazz Improvisatn II
MUS 215A Bassoon
MUS 215B Cello
MUS 215C Clarinet
MUS 215D Double Bass
MUS 215E Euphonium
MUS 215F Flute
MUS 215G French Horn
MUS 215H Guitar
MUS 215I Harp
MUS 215J Oboe
MUS 215K Percussion
MUS 215L Piano
MUS 215M Pipe Organ
MUS 215N Saxophone
MUS 215O Trombone
MUS 215P Trumpet
MUS 215Q Tuba
MUS 215R Viola
MUS 215S Violin
MUS 215T Voice
MUS 2700 University Chorus
MUS 2710 Women's Chorale
MUS 2730 Chamber Orchestra
MUS 2740 Strgs, Wnds, Prcson, Tech Ens
MUS 2750 Marching Band
MUS 2760 University Band
MUS 2770 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 2780 Jazz Lab Band
MUS 2790 Accompanying
MUS 315A Bassoon
MUS 315B Cello
MUS 315C Clarinet
MUS 315D Double Bass
MUS 315E Euphonium
MUS 315F Flute
MUS 315G French Horn
MUS 315H Guitar
MUS 315I Harp
MUS 315J Oboe
MUS 315K Percussion
MUS 315L Piano
MUS 315M Pipe Organ
MUS 315N Saxophone
MUS 315O Trombone
MUS 315P Trumpet
MUS 315Q Tuba
MUS 315R Viola
MUS 315S Violin
MUS 315T Voice
MUS 3440 Composition I
MUS 4000 Special Studies In Music
MUS 4100 Concert Choir
MUS 4120 Chamber Choir
MUS 4130 University Orchestra
MUS 415A Bassoon
MUS 415B Cello
MUS 415C Clarinet
MUS 415D Double Bass
MUS 415E Euphonium
MUS 415F Flute
MUS 415G French Horn
MUS 415H Guitar
MUS 415I Harp
MUS 415J Oboe
MUS 415K Percussion
MUS 415L Piano
MUS 415M Pipe Organ
MUS 415N Saxophone
MUS 415O Trombone
MUS 415P Trumpet
MUS 415Q Tuba
MUS 415R Viola
MUS 415S Violin
MUS 415T Voice
MUS 4160 Symphonic Wind Ensemble
MUS 4190 Recital
MUS 4400 Advanced Composition I
MUS 4910 Projects In Music
MUS 8006 Special Studies In Music
MUS 815A Bassoon
MUS 815B Cello
MUS 815C Clarinet
MUS 815D Double Bass
MUS 815E Euphonium
MUS 815F Flute
MUS 815G French Horn
MUS 815H Guitar
MUS 815I Harp
MUS 815J Oboe
MUS 815K Percussion
MUS 815L Piano
MUS 815M Pipe Organ
MUS 815N Saxophone
MUS 815O Trombone
MUS 815P Trumpet
MUS 815Q Tuba
MUS 815R Viola
MUS 815S Violin
MUS 815T Voice
MUS 8160 Performing Ensembles
MUS 8406 Advanced Composition I
MUS 8620 Sem-wkshp In Music Education
MUS 8630 Research In Music Education
MUS 8700 Conducting Practicum
MUS 8970 Treatise
MUS 8980 Recital
MUS 8990 Thesis
SPCH3150 Intercolleg Forensic Actvts
SPCH3600 Spec Topics: Speech Communicn
SPCH4980 Independent Study Communicatn
SPCH4990 Adv Communication Practicum
THEA1000 Theatre Laboratory
THEA1610 Scenic Production Laboratory
THEA2000 Summer Theatre Workshop
THEA3020 Theatre Production Practicum
THEA4000 Summer Theatre Workshop
THEA4010 Advanced Projects In Theatre
THEA4020 Advanced Projects In Theatre
THEA4320 Adv Acting:greeks To Restoratn
THEA4730 Seminar In Theatre History
THEA8000 Special Topics Theatre & Drama
THEA8016 Advanced Projects In Theatre
THEA8026 Advanced Projects In Theatre
THEA8030 Internship In Theatre
THEA8040 Internship In Theatre
THEA8836 Seminar In Dramatic Literature
THEA8980 Final Project
THEA8990 Thesis
WRWS2000 Special Studies In Writing
WRWS3000 Selected Topics In Writing
WRWS3010 Literary Magazine (applied)
WRWS3990 Independent Studies
WRWS4000 Form And Theory
WRWS4100 Fiction Studio
WRWS4110 Fiction Studio


Course ID Course
COUN8000 Special Studies In Counseling
COUN8100 Research Project In Counseling
COUN8190 Research Project In Counseling
COUN8250 Intrnshp I-community Counselng
COUN8260 Intrnshp II - Community Cnslng
COUN8300 Counseling Techniques I
COUN8330 Practicum For School Counselrs
COUN8350 Adv Elem School Coun Pract
COUN8450 Coll Student Personnel Intnsp
COUN8460 Adv Intrnshp In School Counslg
COUN8796 Practical & Exprntl Trng, Coun
COUN8990 Thesis
COUN9200 Independ Stdy Coun Thry&tchnq
COUN9280 Practicum In Coun Supervision
EDAD8000 Special Studies In Edad
EDAD8100 Dissertatn Lit Review In Edad
EDAD8400 Practicum Edad & Supervision
EDAD8410 Practicum Edad & Supervision
EDAD9010 Adv Seminar In Eductnl Adm
EDAD9110 Field Project In Eductnl Admin
EDAD9980 Internship In Edad Research
EDAD9990 Dissertation
HED 8080 Topics Health Education
HED 8980 Health Education Practicum
HPER8000 Special Studies
HPER8030 Research In Hper
HPER8100 Research Project
HPER8990 Thesis
PE 3000 Special Projects
PE 4970 Problems Of Pe
PE 4980 Coaching Practicum
PE 8910 Internship Exercise Science
PEA 1110 Individl/dual/team Activities
PEA 111A Racquetball
PEA 111B Tennis
PEA 111C Golf
PEA 111D Judo
PEA 111E Self-defense
PEA 111F Taekwondo
PEA 111G Basic Hapkido
PEA 111H Weight Training/body Condition
PEA 111I Advanced Weight Training
PEA 111J Aerobic Dance/weight Train
PEA 111K Aerobic Dance
PEA 111L Low Impact Aerobics
PEA 111M Bench Step Aerobics
PEA 111N Kickboxing Aerobics
PEA 111O Multicultural Dance
PEA 111P Modern Dance
PEA 111Q Ballet
PEA 111R Jazz
PEA 111S Relaxation Techniques
PEA 111T Yoga
PEA 111U Yoga II
PEA 111V Begin/intermediate Swim
PEA 111W Scuba
PEA 111X Basketball
PEA 111Y Track & Field
PEA 111Z Backpacking & Camping
PEA 1120 Individl/dual/team Activities
PEA 112A Swim Conditioning
PEA 112B Adaptive Aquatics
PEA 112C Power Yoga
PEA 112D Pilates Matwork
PEA 112E Jazz II
PEA 112F Rock Climbing
PEA 112G Ballet II
PEA 112H Ballroom Dance I
RLS 4000 Special Topics In Rls
RLS 4970 Problems In Recreation
RLS 8000 Special Studies In Rls
SPED3000 Special Studies
SPED4040 Workshop Sped & Spch Pathology
SPED8000 Special Projects
SPED8046 Wrkshp In Spec Educ/spch Path
SPED8500 Basic Clinical Prct Spch Path
SPED8730 Advanced Student Teaching
SPED8990 Thesis
TED 3000 Special Projects
TED 4000 Spec Methods In Content Area
TED 4980 Special Studies
TED 8000 Special Studies
TED 8030 Seminar In Educ:special Topics
TED 8060 Current Issues/trends Educatn
TED 8100 Research Project
TED 8600 Adv Seminar Educ Technology
TED 8970 Independent Study
TED 8990 Thesis

Education and Human Sciences

Course ID Course
CYAF2220 Introduction To Family Finance
CYAF4930 SP Tops In Contemp Family Iss
CYAF4970 Community Internship In Cyaf
CYAF4980 Research Experiences In Cyaf
CYAF8936 SP Tops In Contemp Family Iss
CYAF8976 Community Internships In Cyaf
CYAF8986 Research Experience In Cyaf
FMCS4950 SP Tops Family & Cultural Div
FMCS4960 Advanced Independent Study
FMCS8956 SP Tops


Course ID Course
AE 3940 Special Topics In Ae III
AE 4940 Special Topics In Ae IV
AE 8940 Special Topics In Ae
CEEN1940 Special Topic In Ceen I
CEEN2920 Ind Study In Ceen II
CEEN2940 Special Topic In Ceen II
CEEN3920 Individ Study In Ceen III
CEEN3940 Spcl Top In Ceen III
CEEN4920 Individ Study In Ceen IV
CEEN4940 Spcl Top In Ceen IV
CEEN8926 Individ Study In Ceen IV
CEEN8946 Spcl Top In Ceen IV
CEEN8950 Special Topics
CEEN8990 Masters Thesis
CEEN9920 Research Other Than Thesis
CET 4990 Special Projects
CIVE498 Spec Topics In Civil Engr
CIVE898 Special Topics
CIVE989 Smnr In Civil Engr
CNST4980 Special Topics In Cnstrctn Mgmt
EET 4520 Special Topics In Electronics
ELEC1980 SP Tps Electrical Engineerg I
ELEC2980 SP Tps In Electrical Engr II
ELEC3980 SP Tps Electrcl Engineerg III
ELEC3990 Undergraduate Research
ELEC4980 SP Topic - Elec Engr IV
ELEC8980 SP Topics - Elec Engr IV
EMEC4610 SP Top In Eng Mechanics
EMEC8616 SP Top In Eng Mechanics
ENVE9980 Special Topics In Envr Engr
ISMG3990 Undergraduate Research
METE4980 Lab & Analytical Investigation

Human Resources & Family Sciences

Course ID Course
CSED8930 Special Topics
FMCS4920 Contemporary Family Issues
FMCS4930 Problems In Family Resources
FMCS8936 Problems In Family Resources

Information Science & Technology

Course ID Course
CIST9900 Special Topics In Info Tech
CSCI2980 Topics In Computer Science
CSCI4950 Internship In Computer Science
CSCI4980 Topics In Computer Science
CSCI4990 Independent Studies
CSCI8110 Adv Topics Artificial Intel
CSCI8390 Advanced Topics Data Base Mgt
CSCI8520 Adv Topics In Opr Resrch
CSCI8920 Adv Topics Computer Science
CSCI8960 Thesis Equivalent Project Csci
CSCI8970 Independent Study
CSCI8980 Graduate Seminar
CSCI8990 Thesis
ISQA2000 Spcl Intro Top In ISQA
ISQA4000 Spcl Topics In ISQA
ISQA4500 Spcl Prob In ISQA
ISQA4510 Info Systems Intern
ISQA8060 Research In MIS
ISQA8080 Seminar In Mgmt Info Systems
ISQA8900 Ind Research In MIS
ISQA8990 Thesis

Public Affairs and Community Service

Course ID Course
AVN 2900 Independent Study In Avn
AVN 4000 Ind Res In Aviation
AVN 4200 Internship In Aviation
AVN 4900 Special Topics-aviation
AVN 8030 Intern In Aviation Admin
AVN 8040 Intern In Avn Admin
AVN 8070 Case Research
AVN 8100 Seminar In Public Admin
AVN 8480 Seminar Public Financial Admin
AVN 8906 Special Topics-aviation
AVN 8920 Readings In Avn Admin
AVN 8940 Res In Avn Admin
AVN 8980 Thesis
AVN 9900 Advanced Topics
AVN 9970 Dir Research In Public Admin
AVN 9980 Directed Readings In Pa
CJUS4800 Special Topics
CJUS4950 Independent Study
CJUS8020 Seminar In Admin Of Justice
CJUS8190 Independent Study
CJUS8800 Special Problems In Cjus
CJUS8990 Thesis
CJUS9090 Special Problems Rsch Methods
CJUS9100 Special Problems Stat Analysis
CJUS9150 Spec Topics Crim Justice Rsch
CJUS9980 Directed Readings In Crcj
CJUS9990 Dissertation
GDRH3010 Special Topics Seminar
GERO4350 Issues In Aging
GERO8920 Special Studies In Gerontology
GERO8940 Practicum
GERO8990 Thesis
PA 4590 Topics In Nonprofit Mgmt
PA 4596 Topics In Non-profit Mgmt
PA 4890 Special Topics Public Admin
PA 4900 Special Topics
PA 8030 Internship In Pa
PA 8040 Internship In Pa
PA 8596 Topics In Nonprofit Mgmt
PA 8890 Special Topics Pub Admin
PA 8896 Special Topics Public Admin
PA 8900 Special Topics Public Admin
PA 8906 Special Topics
PA 8920 Readings In Public Admin
PA 8940 Research In Public Admin
PA 8980 Thesis
PA 9900 Adv Topics In Public Admin
PA 9970 Dir Research In Public Admin
PA 9980 Direct Readings In Pa
PA 9990 Dissertation
SOWK4880 Topical Seminar Social Work
SOWK4890 Special Studies In Social Work
SOWK8886 Topical Seminar Social Work
SOWK8900 Special Studies In Soc Welfare
SOWK8910 Indpndnt Study Marg/fmly Thrp
SOWK8960 Research Other Than Thesis
SOWK8990 Thesis
UBNS8830 Seminar Urban Community
UBNS8840 Interdis Stdy On Urban Comm
UBNS8980 Thesis

Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs

Course ID Course
AERO4500 Ind St/aerospace Flt Training
HONR2900 SP Top: Gen Aviation
HONR3000 Colloquium
HONR3001 Special Topics In Literature
HONR3502 Special Topics In Religion
HONR3970 Honors Internship
HONR3981 Spec Topics In Black Studies
HONR4001 Spcl Topics In ISQA
HONR4002 Special Topics Finance Banking
HONR4080 Spec Topics CJ Great Britian
HONR4900 SP Top Critical Iss In Avn
HONR4911 SP Top:econ Technology
HONR4930 SP Top:"women In Art"
HONR4962 Topics In Lang & Lit
HONR4980 Senior Honors Project/thesis
MILS4000 Leadership Laboratory
MILS4030 Directed Independent Readings
MILS4040 Directed Independent Studies

General Questions

If you have specific questions about repeating a course, please contact the UNO Registrar's Office by email or by calling 554-2314.